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What is Grape RNA?

Grape RNA is one part of the grape world. The main work of this database is to collect, store, treatment and share the Transcriptome data of the vitis genus. the purpose of this databsae is make full use of the high throughout data, and make the data more easily to use for the researchers.

What can you find in Grape RNA?

  1. The expression data of vitis.
  2. The assembled transcriptome.
  3. The annotation of all version.
  4. The raw data of these samples.
  5. Webtools of the related analysis.

General Information

Grape RNA is belongs to the Institute of Botany, CAS. This database is freely accessed to all non-commercial users. Commercial users should contact us for authorization.click to send e-mail.

Please cite the paper of this database in your paper.

Wang Y, Zhang R, Liang Z, Li S: Grape-RNA: A Database for the Collection, Evaluation, Treatment, and Data Sharing of Grape RNA-Seq Datasets. Genes 2020, 11(3).

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